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Here, you can find the texts we have studied in our local Qur'an and Bible studies.

Parents and Children


Human nature and what has gone wrong

Worship   Looking at some key prayers and passages about the nature of God.


Light amidst Darkness in the Bible

Darkness and Light in the Qur'an

God is Light' 

Festivals:  texts for 'Id ul-Fitr

Resurrection:  texts for Easter

Passover:  texts for Maundy Thursday  

Fasting: For the first week of Ramadan and penultimate week of Lent, we looked at how and why we fast. 

Eating together: exploring the story of Abraham's visitors and other material about eating together in the Bible, the Qur'an and the Hadith.  The texts are here.

Intentions: using texts from CMCS Oxford's Qur'an and Bible studies.

The Bible texts are here.  The Qur'an texts are here

Repentance and Capital Punishment:  The texts are here.

Repentance:  The texts are here.


Wealth and Judgement:    The texts are here.

What can we eat?  The texts are here.



Human responsibility texts are here.

Texts on male responsibility are here.

Interpreting ancient texts in today’s world: 

The example:   Head-covering in the New Testament and the Qur’an.   Find the texts and comments here

Why gender imbalance?

The most famous 'equality' verses (taken out of their contexts!):

Genesis 1: 26-27, Galatians 3:28

Surah 4:1; 33:35

The most famous 'inequality' verses (taken out of their contexts!):

Genesis 3:16; Ephesians 5:22-24

Surah 4:34

Chapter 4 (and others if you like!) of Ida Glaser's (with Napoleon John) Partners or Prisoners? Christians thinking about women and Islam, Paternoster, 1998.

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