Qur'an and Bible 2:  Issues and Interpretation

A 3 credit hour course which can be delivered over 5, 7 or 10 weeks.

Both Muslims and Christians face numerous challenges in interpreting their texts in the contemporary world.  On contentious issues, there are as many disagreements within the faiths as their are between the faiths.

This course begins with less contentious issues and moves towards those that are more difficult.   Particular issues will be chosen according to the contexts of participating institutions and the interests of the students.


We begin by introducing a range of ways in which Christians interpret the Bible and in which Muslims interpret the Qur'an. (We will immediately recognise the important place of Hadith alongside the Qur'an). The interpretive methods will then be applied to the chosen issues.

In each case, students will be asked to consider the similarities and differences between the challenges facing Muslims and the challenges facing Christians.  There will also be opportunities to consider how Christians might interpret the Qur'an, how Muslims might interpret the Bible, and how the various interfaith and intrafaith discussions relate to wider public debate in different contexts.

This class will be suitable for accreditation at master's or final year undergraduate level. It will offer 3 credit hours (40-45 hours of class or recorded online learning, with approx 90 hours of additional study and writing expected from each student). 


The course is designed to follow Qur'an and Bible 1 (Torah). Students should EITHER have completed Qur'an and Bible 1 OR have studied both the Qur'an and the Bible to an equivalent level.

Typical Program:

Topic 1:  Raising the questions

Topic 2:  Interpreting the Bible - on some attributes of God

Topic 3:  Interpreting the Qur'an - on some attributes of God

Topic 4: What foods are permissible?

Topic 5: Modesty and dress

Topic 6: Gender roles

Topic 7: Interfaith relations

Topic 8: Mission and Conversion

Topic 9: Politics

Topic 10: Open for class choice

Whether you are an academic, a seminarian, a mosque member, church member, or none of those,

if you would like more information, someone from the Center would be glad to contact you to explain more about it.

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