What We Do

CMCS Houston is developing a range of study and research activities, both locally in Houston and nationally and internationally through web-based meetings.   Many of these activities are organised in collaboration with other centers of learning.

Scholars and students meet on an equal footing of mutual respect and a commitment to seeking truth.  They study and compare each faith’s Scriptures to understand what they’re saying and how it applies to mutual concerns and issues of today.  Then they make that research available in Texas and beyond - to universities, seminaries, government, churches and mosques through seminars, workshops, and publications.

The Center’s Impact

The world needs educators and faith leaders who can speak to all people – regardless of their beliefs – with clarity, integrity and respect.  The Center for Muslim and Christian Studies in Houston aims (as does its sister centers in Oxford, England and in Ghana, Africa) to help fill this need by developing a vibrant community of scholars producing research and who are available as a resource to the Texas region.

  • The community will invite Muslim and Christian scholars to give seminar series and special lectures that are open to both scholars and the general public.

  • Academic staff will be available as a resource to area universities, to teach/mentor their students and supervise research and

  • Will offer accredited short courses on Muslim and Christian studies that bring participants from both faiths together to build relationships.


The Center’s impact will multiply by reaching current and future thought leaders who will in turn reach others who reach others, transforming relations between communities.  Houston is a crossroads of ideas and thought leaders who visit or stay for a time and move on, spreading the ideas gained in Houston across the country.

'Get Wisdom, Get understanding:  How study contributes to Christian-Muslim engagement'

An important paper by Ida Glaser

I intend to continuously engage with the reading materials discussed during the course so as to be adequately prepared for career development in the field of Muslim-Christian dialogue.  I am also part of a team working on developing courses for the Akrofi-Christaller Institute(ACI): my experience with this course will be brought to bear in that direction. 

Michael Nortey, Ghana