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Original research and writing are an essential basis for teaching and for learning what is true.

Each member of the academic team at CMCS Houston is expected to be researching and writing.  We will also be developing focused research projects.

Dr Ida Glaser heads the 'Reading the Bible in the context of Islam' research project at the Centre for Muslim-Christian Studies, Oxford.  She is co-series editor of the 'Routledge Reading the Bible in Islamic Context' series, and of the forthcoming Langham 'Bible Commentaries from Muslim Contexts' series.  

The next major event in 'Reading the Bible in the Context of Islam' is a conference on 'Reading the Gospels in Islamic Context', to be held online, 7-9th September 2020.


Dr David Coffey is working towards publications based on his doctoral studies of the history of Muslim-Christian dialogue. 


His particular interest is in how prominent Christians and Muslims have explored truths admitted by both their Scriptures; for example, common beliefs about God as Creator and about Jesus as Messiah. 

Dr Steve Gertz completed his PhD in Theological and Religious Studies at Georgetown University, focusing on how Muslim sectarian allegiances impact and shape Muslim relations with Christians. For his dissertation, Steve surveyed Fatimid Shi'ite Isma‘ili fiqh (jurisprudence) on dhimmis (Jews and Christians), as well as studied how the caliphs' application of that law impacted Christians living under Fatimid rule in Palestine and Egypt during the eleventh century. 

Photographs of David Coffey and Ida Glaser are by John Cairns Photography

Banner picture is from the launch of the book 'Reading the Bible in Islamic Context' at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford, 2018

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