History of Muslim-Christian Dialogue

Jan 10th - March 21st 2022

Course leaders:  Dr Ida Glaser and Ustadh Motaz Al-Thaher

This 3 credit hour course will have classes on  Mondays at 0800-1000 Houston time.  Students will be expected to spend 4-6 hours per week in private study and group study.  The out-of-class work will be at least as important as the in-class work.   Each student will be expected to make a class presentation.  Students taking this course for credit will also be required to take a short-answer quiz and to write a 5,000 word essay.

The course cost is $400, reduced to $150 for majority world students. 

CMCS Houston has some full and half-scholarships available.  To apply for a scholarship, email a letter of application together with your c.v. and contact details of two referees to ida@cmcshouston.org BY DECEMBER 1st 2021


This course introduces students to the long history of Christians and Muslims writing about each other and discussing with each other, using both focused study of primary sources and broader readings and lectures on different historical periods. 

The course is particularly suitable for graduate students with an academic interest in Muslim-Christian relations, and for final year undergraduate students majoring in history, or in the study of Islam or of Christianity.

This is a rich course with amazing content, rich resources and great teachers.

Tahmina Maryam, Bangladesh

You will find this one of the best courses for building respect and seeking truth in today’s world.

Naseer John, Pakistan

Specialist lecturers will include:  

Dr Charles Ramsey​, (Baylor University History Faculty) 

Dr Martin Whittingham (Director, CMCS Oxford)

Dr Rana Abu-Mounes (CMCS Oxford)

Dr David Coffey (CMCS Houston), 

Dr Ghulam Zarquani (Hijaz Muslim College, Houston)

Students give class presentations on each topic
20th century class presentation.png

Ideas and questions are discussed in small groups 



Topic 1:  Muslim-Christian Dialogue in the time of Muhammad

Topic 2:  Early Christian responses to Islam

Topic 3:  The development of the debates

Topic 4: Interactions in Spain

Topic 5: Hope during the Crusades:  St Francis and the Sultan

Topic 6: Ottoman times

Topic 7: Mughals and Jesuits

Topic 8: The Sokoto Caliphate and European missionaries

Topics 9:  Revival and reform in 18th century India

Topic 10:  20th century developments

Illuminated Xavier page with bismillah.j

Dialogue is not only verbal.

These are images from our unit on the Jesuit visits to the Mughal emperors in the 16th century


The Muslim-Christian Dialogue discourse which I studied during the online course will help us craft a new course for our seminarians on Muslim-Christian Dialogue, to promote tolerance among the would be ministers.   

Simbarashe Munamati, Murray Theological College, Zimbabwe

Don’t do it unless you enjoy the subject being offered and can be sincerely and fully engaged and devoted.  . . . .   I’m a self-proclaimed nerd and loved every second of discussion, lecture, presentation, and reading.

Usmon Shaikh, University of Houston

The course is very practical and relevant for the contemporary situation. It opens a window where students can express their opinions - not polemically but in a peaceful environment. Students may have different opinions, but respect towards each other is carefully maintained.

Sujit Sarker, ICL, Bangladesh

I think, this course will serve as a mile stone for those students who are interested in the history of Muslim-Christian Dialogue.

Urfa John, Forman Christian College, Pakistan