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CMCS Houston
Kaduna Study Group

Since 2020, CMCS Houston has been glad to offer scholarships to up to Muslim and Christian students who study together in Kaduna, Northern Nigeria.

Kaduna has been a place of tensions and occasional violence between Muslims and Christians for decades.  It is therefore a place where people of good will have developed a number of peace-making initiatives to .  These include the Kaduna Centre for the Study of Christian-Muslim Relations and the Interfaith Mediation Centre.  Most of our students are alumni of the former and/or involved with the latter. 

Below are some images from the visit of Drs David Coffey, Motaz al-Thaher and Ida Glaser to Kaduna in February 2024.  The visit included a 3-day symposium on 'Working Together in God's World', focusing on how Muslims and Christians in Northern Nigeria can work together for the good of the environment, and on the importance of education in that context.

Our Story

Meet The Team

The first group from Kaduna working together on the 'Qur'an and Bible 1: Torah' course, Fall 2020.

Martins, Khadijah and Adedayo (left to right)

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