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Admitted Truth

Here you will find the resources linked with a series of lectures given by Dr David Coffey's in January-March 2021.    The lectures explore the use of ideas which are admitted by both the Qur'an and the Bible in discussions between Muslims and Christians. You can learn about key historical figures, and consider important themes which can form the basis for constructive communication today.

1:   Introduction:  What is 'admitted truth'

      The historical lens:  Muslim-Christian dialogue in the 7th-11th centuries A.D.

Outline of Introduction and overview

Power Point for Introduction and overview

Recording for January 14th

Power Point on Timothy and Al-Mahdi

Recording  on Timothy and Al-Mahdi

Mingana's translation of The apology of Timothy the Patriarch before the Caliph Mahdi, together with his introduction and a facsimile of the Syriac manuscript is available on the Internet Archive.

The translation alone is posted here.

Recording for on Paul of Antioch

Power Point on Paul of Antioch

Nafisa Abdelsadek's translation of Paul of Antioch's Risala

2:  Thinking about the sources in 19th century India:   Qur'an, Sunnah, Sirah; Old Testament, Gospels, writing by Jesus' disciples.  


Re-recording of Feb 4th lecture

Power Point for Feb 4th on 19th century India and the orientalists


3: God:  Essence and nature, attributes, acts.

Recording of 'God' part 1

Recording of 'God' part 2

Power Point for Feb 25th lecture on 'God'


4:  Humanity, Sin and Salvation

Recording of 'Humanity, Sin, Salvation'

Power Point on 'Humanity'


5:   Messiah/Jesus

Recording of 'Messiah/Jesus'

Power Point on 'Jesus'

Chat with Syed's comments


6:   Sin and Salvation.

Recording of 'Sin and Salvation'

Power Point on 'Sin and Salvation'

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