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Recordings of the collaborative seminar series,  'Reading the Bible in the context of Islam'.

Dr David Cook (Rice University)

Islamic Jeremiah according to Ibn ‘Asākir's History of Damascus

Seminar 30th June 2020

Draft paper available here


Rev Sameh Ibrahim (Presbyterian Church in Egypt) and Rev Fady Lous (Presbyterian Church USA)

The Rule of God in the Gospel of Mark and the Thoughts of Sayyid Qutb (d.1966)

Seminar 23rd June 2020

Saqib Hussain (DPhil candidate, University of Oxford)

Seminar: The Ordeal of the Bitter Water: The Qur'an's Reformulation of Numbers 5 in Q4:34 and the Issue of the Disobedient Wife

Seminar 16th June 2020

Dr Georgina Jardim (CMCS Oxford)

Thirst as Analogy for the Longing for God in the Bible and Qur’an: The Psalm of Hagar

Seminar given 9th June 2020

Dr Martin Whittingham (CMCS Oxford)

Seminar: Making an Impact Centuries after Death: ‘Abdallāh al-Tarjumān (d. after 1424/828AH), Franciscan Friar, Convert to Islam and Severe Critic of the Bible

Seminar given 2nd June 2020

Dr George Bristow (Institute for the Study of Religion in the Middle East)

No King But God (or Your Kingdom Come): A Theological Comparison of God’s Reign in the Biblical and Qur’anic Narratives of Abraham and David

Seminar given 26th May 2020.

Charles Ramsey (Baylor University),

'Blessed are the Peacemakers': Islamic Peace Ethics and Sir Sayyid Ahmad Khan's reading of the Beatitudes 

Seminar given 5th May 2020

From the intensive History of Muslim-Christian dialogue course

Dr Ida Glaser

Views of the Crusades

Dr David Coffey (CMCS Houston),

The use of Admitted Truth in Muslim-Christian Dialogue

Dr Rana Abu Mounes (CMCS Oxford)

Christian-Muslim relations in the Ottoman empire in the 19th century

Part 1:  Historical overview

Part 2:  Case study - the 1860 Damascus riots

Ottoman lecture 1.png
William of Tyre slide.png

Other seminars from the Centre for Muslim-Christian Studies, Oxford can be found here:

They include seminars on the theme of 'Reading the Bible in the Context of Islam


Muslim Fascination with the Psalms

Dr Daniel J Crowther, Tuesday 10th March 2020

The Prophets amidst the Torah, the Writings and the Gospels: the Biblical concept of prophethood in conversation with the Qur'an

Dr Ida Glaser, Tuesday 28th January 2020

Guidance and Light? The wide variety of early Muslim engagement with the Bible

Dr Martin Whittingham, Tuesday 19th February 2019

The New Testament in Muslim Eyes: the author speaks about his new book on Galatians

Dr Shabbir Akhtar,12th February 2019

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