Transforming Muslim-Christian Relationships

Houston is home to large, vibrant Muslim and Christian communities.  It has the largest Muslim community in the US, and has a diverse Christian community including the largest church in the country.  These two vibrant religious communities live together, meet and mingle throughout our city, and yet:

  • Many Christians distrust and fear Muslims

  • Many Muslims distrust and fear Christians

  • Both groups believe false stereotypes about the other

  • Both groups talk past one another in the public square or when trying to understand important events

There is a genuine need and a unique opportunity in Houston to develop a realistic model for Muslim-Christian interaction in the US that takes into account the realities of both religions and provides a backdrop for dialog that addresses the two religious beliefs.

The Center for Muslim and Christian Studies Houston is an exciting new venture responding to these needs.   Its founding academics, Drs Ida Glaser and David Coffey, are developing it alongside its senior sister Centre for Muslim-Christian Studies in Oxford, England.  Its heart is a hospitable community of learners - Muslims and Christians doing serious academic study and research together, and making their teaching available to the wider religious communities.  When coronavirus restrictions are lifted, we plan such activities as a summer school following the pattern of the Oxford summer school pictured above. 

Academic staff

Dr Ida Glaser, 


Ph.D. (University of Durham, Comparative Theology)

Dr David Coffey,

Senior Fellow,

Ph.D. (University of Edinburgh, Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies)


Dr Coffey and Dr Glaser are Founding Fellows of the Centre for Muslim-Christian Studies in Oxford, England. 


Dr Coffey worked in clinical psychology and was then in Christian ministry in the United States before going back to Bangladesh (where he was brought up) and becoming involved in teaching and translation.  His Ph.D. is on the history of Muslim-Christian dialogue in 19th century India, focusing on how studying truth admitted in both the Qur'an and the Bible can facilitate communication. 

Dr Glaser has taught physics in Islamic contexts and done church-based outreach in multi-racial, inner-city Britain, and has taught Muslim-Christian relations at the post-graduate level in Jamaica, Nigeria, the Philippines, and the UK. Her Ph.D. examined Genesis 1-11 in the context of parallel Qur’anic material and ministry among Muslims.  Ida's publications include Thinking Biblically about Islam (Langham, 2016) and The Bible and Other Faiths (IVP/Langham, 2005)

Research Associate

Dr Steve Gertz

(M.Phil., University of Oxford; Ph.D., Georgetown University)

Steve has experience in journalism as well as academic teaching.  He contributes to our website resources and other online activities, and helps with editing projects.


Whether you are an academic, a seminarian, a mosque member, church member, or none of those,

if you would like more information, someone from the Center would be glad to contact you to explain more about it.

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