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Muslim&Christian Summer School

 Summer 2024 

Criteria and Expectations

You are required to accept these conditions on applying for a place at Summer School

The Summer School brings together Christian and Muslim men and women to share a course of academic study on topics of common interest that will break down barriers, enhance the student’s own studies, and equip them for their future careers. The focus is on shared study and understanding of both the commonalities and the differences between Christians and Muslims of diverse traditions.

  • Participants should expect to discuss difficult topics, disagreements, and social problems in a spirit of respect and empathy. They should also be prepared to meet people of their own faith from other traditions with whom they might have theological differences.

  • The program is designed for those who are practicing their faith and will be leaders and influencers within Christian and Muslim communities.

  • The majority of participants will be 21-40 years old and applicants must be over 18 years old and be engaged in or have completed a degree in higher education.

  • There will be a maximum of 16 people taking part in the school.

  • All applicants must provide the name of a referee and references will be taken up.

  • Both men and women are welcome to apply, and we hope to achieve a good balance between the genders from both communities.

  • All participants will be expected to attend all the days of the program.

  • Provision will be made for halal food and other dietary requirements can be catered for on request. Meals will be taken together, and participants should be present for all meals.

  • Participants are required to attend all of the sessions.

  • Part of the aim of the school is to encourage ongoing relationships amongst those who are or one day will be leaders in their faith communities. To that end participants are expected to attend a re-union weekend, which is an integral part of the program, and will also be encouraged to keep in contact with one another through social media.

  • The program is heavily subsidized, but participants are required to pay a contribution on acceptance. This is a non-refundable deposit. Any applicants able to help raise extra funds would be most welcome.

  • Participants need to pay for their own transportation to the venue.

  • The organizers reserve the right to dismiss someone from the program in the event of seriously inappropriate or disruptive behavior during the school.

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