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M.A. and Certificates

Preparing the next generation of Christian and Muslim teachers and leaders for constructive interfaith relations through laying a foundation of shared academic study on the interfaces between the faiths.

M.A. in Muslim & Christian Studies

From September 2023, we will be admitting students to our M.A. in Muslim & Christian Studies.  Students who have already completed one or more CMCS Houston courses will be particularly welcome to apply.

Candidates will take three years to five years complete the course.  Most courses will be online, but students will also be expected to attend at least two regional in person study weeks.   These courses are offered in collaboration with the Centre for Muslim-Christian Studies, Oxford, and The Sanneh Institute, Accra.

Applicants should hold a first degree with a GPA of 3.3 or higher, or a first degree with a GPA of 3.0 and substantial relevant professional experience.   They should have done prior academic study in both Islam and Christianity, and  English to an IELTS standard of 6.0 or higher.

Students will be required to complete 18 credit hours of core modules, 9 credit hours of optional modules, and a dissertation.

Core modules (18 credits):  

  • Research and Writing for Muslim & Christian Studies (pre-requisite:  no credit)

  • Historical (6 credits)

    • History of Muslim-Christian Dialogue

    • A regional course on the history of Muslim-Christian relations OR a course on theological themes in the history of Muslim-Christian dialogue

  • Textual (6 credits)

    • Qur’an and Bible 1:  Torah

    • Qur’an and Bible 2:  Issues and Interpretation

  • Contemporary Issues (6 credits)

    • ‘Contemporary Issues in Muslim-Christian Dialogue’ 

    • Participation in a regional residential ‘Summer School’

Optional Modules (9 credits):

These will include:

  • Attending and reporting on a selected series of academic seminars

  • Courses in Qur'anic Arabic, Biblical Hebrew and New Testament Greek

  • History of Muslim Views of the Bible

  • Reading the Bible in Islamic Context

  • Islamic law and Muslim-Christian relationships


 The Certificate in Muslim & Christian Studies

This certificate is awarded to students who have completed at least 14 credit hours of CMCS Houston courses.   Most candidates will have already completed their undergraduate degree, but exceptions will be made for mature candidates with appropriate experience.  Candidates will typically take 2 years to complete the certificate.  Thise who do well may be admitted to go on to complete the M.A. program.

There are two main paths: 

Path 1:   Muslim & Christian Studies 


Path 2:  Comparative Textual Studies


  • Understanding and interpreting texts (2 credits)

  • Qur'an and Bible 1 (3 credits)

  • Qur'an and Bible 2 (3 credits)

  • 6 credits on scriptural languages.

    • Introductory and second level courses will be available, on Biblical Hebrew, New Testament Greek and Qur'anic Arabic.

The usual cost for a 3 credit hour course is $400, reduced to $150 for majority world students.  The cost for a full certificate is $1,500, reduced to $550 for majority world students.   CMCS Houston has some full and some part scholarships available.

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If you are interested in applying for the M.A. or the Certificate, please inquire below and we will send you more details

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