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The Admitted Truth Project

A collaborative project headed by Dr David Coffey, developing publications based on his doctoral thesis

About the Project

What is 'admitted truth'?

Why does it matter?

What approach do you take to studying 'admitted truth'?

An important part of this project is a series of online seminars.   Each will include a lecture by Dr Coffey, responses from other scholars, and a time of discussion.

Part 1:  A historical overview

Sat Jan 23rd   

Sat Jan 30th

Sat Feb 6th

Sat Feb 13th

Part 2:  Theological themes

Sat March 6th

Sat March 13th

Sat March 20th

Sat March 27th

Part 3: 

Sat April 24th

Sat May 1st

Sat May 8th

Sat May 15th

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