Our Vision:

Our vision is to see Muslim and Christian relationships transformed through shared academic study and by following the example of Christ.


Who We Are:

The Center for Muslim and Christian Studies Houston is an independent research and study center serving the Texas region’s universities, churches and mosques.  The Center researches questions of scholarly interest and social importance along the Muslim and Christian interface.















What We Do:

Our scholars meet on an equal footing of mutual respect and a commitment to seeking truth.  They do interdisciplinary study and research which is relevant to interactions between Muslims and Christians today.  This includes comparing Scriptures, exploring history, studying current relationships, and researching matters of mutual concern.  They make the research available to the Texas region’s universities, seminaries, government, churches and mosques,  through teaching, seminars, workshops, and publications.


Now on:  Qur'an and Bible 1: Torah

An online course, Mondays and Wednesdays, October 5th - November 23rd 2020, 0800-1000 Houston time.

The online classroom is here.

Students are participating from Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Kenya, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Nigeria, and the UK as well as from Texas. 

Informal 'Tea and Conversation' meetings re-commence Tuesday October 20th, 4-6 p.m. 

Just finished:  CMCS Oxford's conference on Reading the Gospels in the Context of Islam

7-9th September, 2020 online.

An academic conference as part of the 'Reading the Bible in the Context of Islam' research project.

Online discussion continues.

Next online course:
Exact dates and times will be fixed by the end of November 2020.  Interested students and institutions are invited to request particular days and times.
Contemporary Issues in Muslim-Christian Dialogue
3 credit hour equivalent, 10 weeks March-May 2021.

A taste of 'Bible and Qur'an 1: Torah'

Dr Shirian Shafaie, speaking on 'Comparing the Qur'an and the Bible', Oct 21st 2020.

Now more than ever our world needs understanding among peoples and nations that is grounded in honesty, transparency, and communication. 

President Robert Sloan, Houston Baptist University

I welcome this sincere effort to understand each other in a loving environment.

Dr. Ghulam Zarquani, Hijaz Muslim College 

I strongly believe that this center is a step 
forward in building a more peaceful world where people of different 
faiths will learn to coexist for a better future.

Azizou Atte-oudeyi, Doctoral student, Rice University

We can all benefit from a humble interaction that is at once both uncompromising and respectful!

Rev Dr Greg Scharf, Bridge Trust USA

Learning to think

Whether you are an academic, a seminarian, a mosque member, church member, or none of those,

if you would like more information, someone from the Center would be glad to contact you to explain more about it.

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