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Running now:

Contemporary Issues in Muslim & Christian Dialogue

10th May - 3rd July 2023

Research and Writing for Muslim-Christian Studies


You can do this start-any-time course at your own pace.   It is free of charge and includes the compulsory pre-requisite for students who wish to gain CMCS Houston credit for other courses. 

CMCS Houston Certificate in Muslim & Christian Studies

Students who have satisfactorily completed at least one of our online classes for credit are eligible to enrol for our 'Certificate in Muslim & Christian Studies'.   This is a graduate level certificate which requires at least 14 credit hours from CMCS Houston or from our collaborating institutions.   


Our new Kaduna (Northern Nigeria) Co-ordinator, Rev Martins Adikwu, (center) meets students to discuss the 'History of Muslim-Christian Dialogue' course. 

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CMCS Houston Inaugural Project

Daniel, Islam, Apocalyptic

The most recent symposium was on

"Daniel in the Hadith"

We received fascinating insights into Shi'i and Sunni Hadith and how they are handled within communities of faith, followed by discussion about how those Hadith relate to the Biblical Book of Daniel and the deuterocanonical stories of Susannah.  We then asked about the potential of Daniel for interfaith relations.

For papers, recordings, ongoing discussion and the Daniel Reading Group, go to the

From the Archive:

Dr. David Coffey on Humanity


We welcome Dr Motaz Al-Thaher full time to our academic staff!   Motaz has been working part-time as our online course coordinator for the past 2 years.  He will continue to coordinate, teach and develop our online courses.  He will also be conducting his own research, working with Dr Martin Whittingham of CMCS Oxford in the area of 'Muslim views of the Bible'.



Tea, Conversation . . . and Dinner!

Recent topics have included 'The Hereafter 1', 'The Hereafter 2', 'God and purity' and 'Purity and sacrifice'.


The group will be meeting every second Thursday over the summer.  Please email us if you would like to come.

The texts studied in previous sessions are available on our Tea and Text Meetings page.

Genesis 1-11 front cover.jpg


Dr Ida Glaser's latest book is co-authored with Anwarul Azad and a Bangaldeshi team.  It is the first of a new series of biblical commentaries from Muslim contexts which Dr Glaser edits with Dr Martin Accad of the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary in Beirut, Lebanon.

Listen to Ida Glaser's recent interview with David Capes of the Lanier Theological Library

"Religious studies should be dialogues not monologues.  You need to enroll with others in discussions and dialogue, and the  CMCS courses provide this.  They include a very special combination of people from different religious backgrounds and cultures, who enrich the discussion and help [in] gaining knowledge and opening eyes to new perspectives. Moreover, the follow-up from the lecturers gives you the chance to develop your skills personally."

--Motaz Al-Thaher, CMCS Houston Adjunct   

Our Vision

To see Muslim and Christian relationships transformed through shared academic study and by following the example of Christ.

Now more than ever our world needs understanding among peoples and nations that is grounded in honesty, transparency, and communication. 

President Robert Sloan, Houston Baptist University

I welcome this sincere effort to understand each other in a loving environment.

Dr. Ghulam Zarquani, Hijaz Muslim College 

We can all benefit from a humble interaction that is at once both uncompromising and respectful!

Rev. Dr. Greg Scharf, Bridge Trust USA

I strongly believe that this center is a step forward in building a more peaceful world where people of different faiths will learn to coexist for a better future.

Azizou Atte-oudeyi,

Doctoral Student, Rice University

Learning to think

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