Admitted Truth

A series of online lectures by Dr David Coffey, to be held on Thursdays at 7 p.m., beginning January 14th.    

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These lectures will explore the use of ideas which are admitted by both the Qur'an and the

Bible in discussions between Muslims and Christians. 

You will hear about key historical figures, and consider important themes which can form

the basis for constructive communication today.


Lecture 1*:      January 14th and January 21st   Introduction:  What is 'admitted truth'

                             The historical lens:  Muslim-Christian dialogue in the 7th-11th centuries A.D.


Lecture 2:         January 28th:    Thinking about the sources:

                             Qur'an, Sunnah, Sirah; Old Testament, Gospels, writing by Jesus' disciples.  


Lecture 3*:       February 4th and Feb. 11th; God:  Essence and nature, attributes, acts.

Lecture 4:         February 18th: Humanity, Sin and Salvation

Lecture 5:         February 25th Biblical Prophets and Muhammad

Lecture 6*:       March 4th & 11th:  Messiah/Jesus

Lecture 7:         March 18th:  The end times/conclusions


Previous series

'Reading the Bible in the context of Islam'

Online seminar series presented in collaboration with the Centre for Muslim-Christian Studies at Oxford. 


Tuesday May 5, 0830-1000 

"Blessed are the Peacemakers": Islamic Peace Ethics and Sir Sayyid Ahmad Khan's reading of the Beatitudes (Matthew 5)

Dr Charles Ramsey, Baylor University (USA)

Tuesday May 19, 0830-1000

Qur'anic Intertextuality with Jewish-Rabbinic Tradition: the Case of 'the Cow' in Q 2:67-74

Dr Ali Aghaei
Research Fellow, Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities

Tuesday May 26th, 0830-1000

No King But God (or Your Kingdom Come): A Theological Comparison of God’s Reign in the Biblical and Qur’anic Narratives of Abraham and David

Dr George Bristow
Senior Research Fellow, Institute for the Study of Religion in the Middle East

Tuesday June 2nd, 0830-1000

Making an Impact Centuries after Death: ‘Abdallāh al-Tarjumān (d. after 1424/828AH), Franciscan Friar, Convert to Islam and Harsh Critic of the Bible

Dr Martin Whittingham, Director, Centre for Muslim-Christian Studies, Oxford

Tuesday June 9, 0830-1000​

Thirst as Analogy for the Longing for God in the Bible and Qur’an: The Psalm of Hagar

Dr Georgina Jardim, Fellow, Centre for Muslim-Christian Studies, Oxford

Tuesday June 16, 0830-1000​

The Ordeal of the Bitter Water: The Qur'an's Reformulation of Numbers 5

Saqib Hussain
D.Phil Candidate, Wolfson College, University of Oxford, and
Gladiator Trust Scholarship Holder, Centre for Muslim-Christian Studies, Oxford

Tuesday, June 23, 0830-1000

The Rule of God in the Gospel of Mark and the Thoughts of Sayyid Qutb (d.1966)

Rev Sameh Ibrahim, Pastor - Presbyterian Church in Egypt 
Rev Fady Lous, Chaplain - Presbyterian Church (USA)

Tuesday, June 30, 0830-1000

Islamic Jeremiah according to Ibn ‘Asākir's History of Damascus

Dr David Cook, Rice University, Houston

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