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CMCS Houston is seeking to appoint an


Letters of application together with contact details of three referees and a c.v. should be sent to Dr Ida Glaser at

Job Description

Purpose:  to set up and maintain an administrative structure and systems for CMCS Houston.

Responsible to:   the Director of CMCS Houston.

Time and place:    .5 time (i.e. 20 hours per week).   Much of the work can be done from home, but the Administrator will be expected to be at CMCS Houston at least once a week for regular work purposes and to attend local CMCS Houston events.  We envision this post becoming full-time OR adding another .5 post in 2024.

Start date:  1st January 2023 or earlier.

Salary:   $18 - 25,000 p.a. depending on qualifications and experience.


  1. Review the current management structure of CMCS Houston and make recommendations for longer term establishment.  This will include the management of financial decision-making, and making recommendations for adjustment of the Administrator’s job description.

  2. Liaise with the BT USA board and its Houston sub-committee.  This will include setting up meetings, preparing reports, and keeping in personal contact with people.

  3. Liaise with BT USA’s development staff.  This may include feeding them information and assisting with fund-raising events.

  4. Set up and maintain record systems for the online courses.  This will include financial as well as academic records.

  5. Assist the Online Course Facilitator with the recruitment and follow-up of online students.

  6. Keep the websites and social media updated.

  7. Publicize and help to set up CMCS Houston events.   This will include events in Houston, which may be academic, public-impact, or for friends and donors.

  8. Assist the Director in developing international structures for delivering of an online master’s program.  This will include writing memoranda of understanding with collaborating institutions, and preparing documents relating to the accreditation of the course.

  9. Assist the Director in other administrative matters which may arise.


Person Description

  1. Shares the vision and ethos of CMCS Houston.

  2. A problem-solver, able to take initiative and to both set up and maintain systems.

  3. Servant heart – ready to observe and facilitate others.

  4. Ability to relate cross-culturally.

  5. Good written and spoken English.

  6. Experience in as many as possible of the following areas:   non-profit management; academic administration; web-site management; Muslim-Christian relations; organising events; international collaborations.

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