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Courses Offered  (Click title for details.)

History of Muslim-Christian DialogueCase studies over the centuries

Contemporary Issues in Muslim-Christian DialogueHistorical, theological, and practical approaches

Qur'an and Bible 1Parallel narratives in the Torah and the Qur'an

Qur'an and Bible 2Interpreting the texts in today's world

Patterns of Christian-Muslim Encounter in Africa

CMCS Houston's online courses are taught 'on demand' for institutions which wish to incorporate them into their accredited courses.   Each course involves students from at least two institutions in two different countries, so that students can benefit from both cross-cultural and inter-faith interactions.  The course is also open for audit to individuals who apply independently.

For example, our first course was offered for credit by Baylor University and by the Theological College of Northern Nigeria, and included students from Ghana, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Jordan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Indonesia.

An institution nominates a faculty member who takes responsibility for assessment and accreditation.  Alternatively, the institution may request CMCS Houston to carry out assessment on its behalf.

Each course has tutorial and discussion classes which are, where possible, conducted in local face-to-face groups.  For institutions, these are normally facilitated by the nominated faculty member. 

Courses are suitable for accreditation at final year undergraduate or master's level.

Each course requires 3 credit hours of study:

40-45 hours of class and online lectures; and

80-90 hours of reading, research, and writing.

Courses can be taught over 5, 7, or 10 week periods.

A unique suite of courses: 

  • Each taught by a team of specialists selected from collaborating institutions in Texas, Oxford, and Ghana;

  • Open internationally, with students from at least two countries;

  • Can be accessed for accreditation by institutions world-wide; and

  • Combine online learning with local face-to-face study.



"CMCS Houston online courses are well packaged and delivered by seasoned lecturers and experts in the field of Muslim-Christian relations. The content of the course is very rich, the lecturers are friendly and you will have a lot to think about and engage with in your career pursuits and personal relationships with people of other faiths. Their courses provide a helpful opportunity to study together, share and learn from other participants in a very open and inspiring environment."   (Summer 2020 student)

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